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The celebrities from Emilia-Romagna

The celebrities from

The big five from the Emilia-Romagna lowlands

Pico della Mirandola. A remarkable memory, that of the philosopher – the most famous member of the Pico family, lords of Mirandola – who lived in the 16th century. His fame has crossed the centuries and, still today, anyone who spouts concepts non-stop is asked: ““Who do you think you are? Pico della Mirandola?”!”

Marco Belinelli, basketball player, guard. Also called the tower of San Giovanni in Persiceto, Just 1.96 metres tall ☺, he is the first and only Italian player to have won the NBA (National Basketball Association) title, the main professional basketball league in the United States and Canada.

Nilla Pizzi, even if you are a youngster, if someone starts singing “lo sai che i papaveri…” you probably can’t help yourself from continuing the verse with “sono alti alti alti e tu sei piccolina…”. Thanks to Nilla Pizzi from Sant’Agata Bolognese. Nationally acclaimed Nilla, whose name was due to an error on her birth certificate (she should have been Dionilla), won the first Festival of San Remo and for decades she was called the queen of Italian music.

Marcello Malpighi, born in Crevalcore, was a celebrated 17th century scientist. He is considered the father of microscopic observation in anatomy, histology, physiology, embryology and practical medicine. His many discoveries include the observation of red blood cells and blood capillaries. In his day, he was famous throughout Europe.
Like many from this region, he observed small things but thought big.

Bertoldo is the protagonist of the 17th century book of short stories by Giulio Cesare Croce, “Le sottilissime astutie di Bertoldo”. Uncouth but crafty farm boy who only speaks in rhyme, he is a jester but also a bit of a con man. The Bertoldo carnival mask could only have been born in San Giovanni in Persiceto, town of mocking jokers from time immemorial.

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