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Bikes repairs and hire

Bike services

Stages without hitches

Don’t get stranded! Find everything you and your bike need to continue pedalling without setbacks. Browse the list stage by stage and find the repair and hire services. If they seem far, don’t worry: they have subscribed the Service Charter, so you can call them for their services on the Sun Route. Find out what it means

Bike rentals

Slow Emotion

Bike e-bikes and special vehicles rental, so that everyone can ride, with delivery on the Sun Route track

eGO Bike

Electric or muscle bike rental, with delivery on the Sun Route track

Anima Bike

Social rental of electric or muscle bikes, with delivery on the Sun Route track

Ride Alone

E-bike rental from the center of Bologna, with delivery on the Sun Route track

Bike repairs

Codi Bike

Truck for mobile repairs and for all types of bikes: do not fear any inconvenience!

Jacoball Bike

Repair of any type of bicycle, including e-bikes, and sale of bike accessories and bicycles, in Sant'Agata Bolognese

Bassa Bike Center

Repairs and sale of bicycle and e-bike in the center of Mirandola


Bike sale and repair in Crevalcore

Bob l'Aggiustabici

Repair service for all types of bikes in the center of San Giovanni in Persiceto

Bear's Garage

Repair and sale of bicycles and accessories, in San Giovanni in Persiceto

Other services


Physiotherapist specialized in personalized biomechanical visits