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Nature trail

When the Emilia-Romagna lowland shows its true nature

Mirandolese Valleys – Mirandola

Special Protection Area (Z.P.S. – Zona di Protezione Speciale) with themed trails, information panels, birdwatching points.

Saliceta Woodlands – Camposanto

The wood dates back to 1149. Today it consists of strips of the ancient forest and is an important area of ecological rebalancing.

The tanks of the former sugar refinery – Crevalcore

An Ecological Rebalancing Area, which includes the settling tanks of the old sugar refinery closed in 1985. A privileged place for the observation of numerous wild species, some of which are rare.

“La Bora” Naturalistic Area – San Giovanni in Persiceto

Established in 1990 as a protected area, today it is the habitat of numerous species of birds and amphibians.

Water draining plant at Bagnetto – Sala Bolognese

One of the main land reclamation and hydraulic works of these areas, once marshy. The construction has features similar to those of a medieval fortress.

Dosolo Detention Basin – Sala Bolognese

In this Ecological Rebalancing Area there are woods with a variety of species of trees and a lake that is excellent for birdwatching from special hideouts.

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