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Frequent questions

The section below contains the most frequently asked questions about Sun Route
Travel planning, services and behaviors

The first access is located in Osteria Nuova, near the railway station. However, it is also possible to reach Osteria Nuova via provisional route, starting from the Tangenziale delle Biciclette (Ring Road of Bicycles) in Bologna.

More information: Mirandola-Bologna | Sun Route

It is possible to download the map of the Mirandola-Bologna route here: Mirandola-Bologna | Ciclovia del Sole, both in PDF and GPX format.

The paper maps are available at the eXtraBO tourist information point. More information:

The section on the railway embankment is entirely paved. There are some short sections of dirt road near the municipalities of Crevalcore and San Felice sul Panaro.

You can download the GPX map of the entire route of the Sun Route, considering that the route has not been fully completed, which can be downloaded from this website:

On the Mirandola-Bologna section, the transit on the railway embankment is only allowed to bicycles, with the exception of the rescue and maintenance vehicles of the cycle path.

The Mirandola-Bologna route is completely accessible by people with disabilities, thanks to its generous width and triple-layer bottom. Therefore it can accommodate tandems, electric bikes, hand bikes, electric wheelchairs or self-propelled wheelchairs. We report a possible difficulty in the short sections of dirt road located in the areas of Crevalcore and San Felice sul Panaro.

Yes, along the entire itinerary Mirandola-Bologna there are direction signs and pictograms on the ground:  just follow the yellow sun logo!

The Osteria Nuova – Mirandola itinerary it is almost exclusively separated from traffic, except for some sections of secondary low-traffic roads. The provisional section from Bologna to Osteria Nuova is partially in cycle-vehicular promiscuity.

Yes, the Sun Route crosses various urban centres and their related railway stations, where it is possible to leave the car and continue by bicycle.

Yes, the entire route is runs along the Verona-Bologna railway line and it is possible to take the train from the stations of Osteria Nuova, San Giovanni in Persiceto, Crevalcore, Camposanto, San Felice sul Panaro and Mirandola. For timetables, bicycle transport service and related conditions, please visit the Trenitalia website:

Yes, it is possible for example to travel along a stretch of the Sun Route and return by train, or to start again from a new point by loading the bicycle on the train. For timetables, bicycle transport service and related conditions, please visit the Trenitalia website:

Yes, along the Mirandola-Bologna route there are 5 rest areas, equipped with generators for recharging e-bikes and electronic devices in general. In the  Camposanto rest area, the e-bike charging station will be active starting from February 2022.

On the website, under the heading Services – Bikes repairs and hire, all the bike repair and rental activities are listed by municipality:

On the website under the heading Hotel and B&Bs, all the accommodation activities  are listed by municipality:

On the website under the heading Restaurants and Bars , all the accommodation activities  are listed by municipality:

Activities and gadgets

Hotels, holiday farms, restaurants, bike repairs, and other tourist services that are interested in acquiring some basic services for the reception of cyclists can sign the Service Charter: it is a means of enhancing and promoting the existing entrepreneurial fabric, as well as developing a new entrepreneurship within the vast area concerned, but still following some quality guidelines. In order to receive it, please write to

The area is covered by Progetti d’impresa, the desk to support business creation in the metropolitan city of Bologna (in Italian). Info: +39 051 6871051 (from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13), or

For further information related to licences and regulations, you can contact the SUAP (Office of Productive Activities) of the Municipality where the company intends to start. A list of SUAPs in the Bolognese area is available at the link  (in Italian).

For the Municipalities of the Modenese section, please refer to the page (in Italian).

There is a list of hotels and B & Bs, restaurants and activities related to the world of bike  on the Services page of the website:

At the moment it is possible to buy the yellow technical t-shirt marked with the Sun Route logo at the eXtraBO info point:

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